Christmas All Stars {6/12 packs}
Christmas All Stars {6/12 packs}

Christmas All Stars {6/12 packs}

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Good News, Light, Peace, Saving Grace, New Life and Renewal... the first Christmas brought all this to the world. The meaning behind the name of each of the six wines in our Christmas-themed mixed pack reflects on these thoughts.

One each:
2021 SALVIS GRATIA* Barossa Old Vine Semillon {*Saving Grace}
2021 LUX VENIT* Premium Barossa Rosé {*Light comes}
2021 PAX ÆTERNA* Barossa Old Vine Grenache {*Everlasting peace}

2018 VITA ÆTERNA* Barossa Old Vine Mourvèdre {*Eternal life}
2021 OMNIA NOVA* Barossa Syrah 'Nouveau' {*All become new}
2019 EVANGELINE* Single Vineyard Eden Valley Syrah {*Good news}

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