Old Vine All Stars {6/12 packs}
Old Vine All Stars {6/12 packs}

Old Vine All Stars {6/12 packs}

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Discover the hidden old vine treasures of the Barossa in one nifty lil' 6 pack. Think vibrancy, texture, fruit-explosion in your mouth, feel good vibes...

One each:
2021 SALVIS GRATIA* Barossa Old Vine Semillon {Zesty. Elegant. Opulent.}
2021 LUX VENIT* Premium Barossa Rosé {French Oak = Texture}
2021 PAX ÆTERNA* Barossa Old Vine 'Nouveau' Grenache {Juicy. Crunchy. Complex}

2021 OMNIA NOVA* Barossa Old Vine 'Nouveau' Syrah {Vibrant. Bunchy. Pillowy}
2021 NOT YOUR GRANDMA'S* Barossa Rosé {Drinkability+. Best Seller.}
2021 NOT YOUR GRANDMA'S* Chillable Red {Fridge Worthy Red}

6 pack $157.50 (10% off, normally $175)

Here's what Campbell Mattinson (The Wine Front) has to say...

SALVIS ~ 93pts: Barossa Valley old vine semillon, done right. Gosh this is good. It sees some oak and so, accordingly, it has some texture, but the flavour profile is all fruit, and all good. Brine, honeysuckle, citrus and stonefruit characters all get a good run here, the palate full-ish and the finish long. The perfume, the flavour, the feel; all are in tip-top nick here. I particularly love the briney aftertaste here, it just begs to be teamed with food.

LUX ~ 90pts: Lush, textural style. Dry and spicy. A little alcohol heat pokes through; just a little. Pale, pale copper in colour. Orange jelly and raspberry, earth and spice. Almost a saline-like note here, as a positive. Serious style. Needs food. Something tapas-y.

PAX ~ 92pts: It took grenache roughly 150 years to become an overnight success in Australia but the glory days of Aussie grenache are upon us. This release is fresh, delicate, laced with dry spice and tannin, juicy with fruit, and high in drinkability. It feels authentic because it is. Raspberry characters with a glow to them. Earth notes inlaid. Everything on firm/sure tippy toes, ballerina-like, elevated and exact. There’s texture here too, warm texture, silk fresh from the ironing board, treated right. A lovely drink, it is.

OMNIA ~ 92pts: Omnia Nova – all become new – is old vine Barossa shiraz made in a ‘nouveau’ style. It spends a brief stint in oak before promptly going into bottle and into the world. It has that ‘just made’ feel to it. It’s like tasting direct from a barrel/tank at a winery; it has that uber freshness, that ribald fruitiness, that blinding immediacy. It’s a wonderful impression for a wine to make. Plums, cloves, mints and assorted sweet spice characters make for a high energy, highly delicious red wine. Yes please. It’s a great drink. ‘Nuff said.

NYG Chillable ~91pts: It’s a smashable red that tastes just smashing. It’s made with Barossa Grenache and Mourvèdre and it’s kind of mid-coloured and mid-flavoured, if that makes sense; it’s not rose-like but it’s not full-bodied either, its cherry-plum-earth-anise characters running friskily through the palate, offering just-enough texture and decent-enough depth to keep everyone happy. Great style of wine, and well executed.

NYG Rosé ~ 91pts: It’s made with Grenache and Mourvèdre and it’s pretty much always good. It’s pale copper-orange in colour and it’s both spicy and textural to taste. It has a core of raspberry and earth-like flavour with top notes of orange jelly and violet. It’s both as refreshing and as delicious as you’d want and hope it to be.