Pure Unobtanium. New + Ultra Rare Punkts {6/12 packs}
Pure Unobtanium. New + Ultra Rare Punkts {6/12 packs}

Pure Unobtanium. New + Ultra Rare Punkts {6/12 packs}

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An ultra limited release including new "Punkts" from vintage 2020 (Barossa's smallest in over 50 years) + one of the very last bottles of Museum 2015 ZEITPUNKT REDUX* makes for an Eden Valley aromatic degustation that embodies the very definition of finite and rare. Here today, gone tomorrow...

2020 FUNKELPUNKT* Eden. Valley Sparkling Riesling {Rizz Fizz}
2020 TRIPELPUNKT* Eden Valley Riesling* {Textural Riesling}
2015 ZEITPUNKT* Springton Eden Valley Riesling {Organic, Rare, High Altitude}
2020 DÜFTE PUNKT* Riesling + Gewürztraminer + Kerner {Field Blend...Fruit Bomb}
2020 KONTRAPUNKT* Eden Valley Kerner {Southern Hemisphere's Only}
2019 BLÜHEN PUNKT* Eden Valley Gewürztraminer {Musk Stick Dipped in Rosewater}

6 pack (1 each) pack $170 (normally $176)

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