Festive Feast {6pk}

Festive Feast {6pk}

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Our pick for the perfect Christmas spread - FUNKELPUNKT Sparkling Riesling for seafood starters, our SALVIS GRATIA Semillon for pairing with poultry, next up our LUX VENIT Rosé for everything in between and the breezy in style PAX ÆTERNA Grenache for your Christmas ham... and finally for the main event, two uniquely different Barossa shiraz; OMNIA NOVA Barossa Syrah & EVANGELINE Eden Valley Syrah.

1 x 2020 FUNKELPUNKT Sparkling Eden Valley Riesling
1 x 2022 SALVIS GRATIA Barossa Old Vine Semillon
1 x 2022 LUX VENIT Barossa Rosé
1 x 2022 PAX ÆTERNA Barossa Old Vine Grenache
1 x 2021 OMNIA NOVA Barossa Syrah
1 x 2019 EVANGELINE Eden Valley Syrah

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Make it a dozen (2 each of the above) and get FREE shipping! $318 (normally $388)